23 March 2019

Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Is Sex Safe With Pregnant Women.

Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Is Sex Safe With Pregnant Women

Pregnant woman told gender of her baby by recording from late father in viral video

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© Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited Finding out the sex of your baby is one of the most important milestones for any mother-to-be, but for one woman, the revelation was particularly poignant.

In a video that has since gone viral, a pregnant woman named Jenny is told that she will be having a girl via a series of recordings of her late father’s voice that had been put together by her husband.
Posting a clip of the moment on Twitter, Jenny’s daughter Ana explains how her mother only wanted to find out the gender of her baby in advance if her husband could think of an unconventional way to tell her - evidently, he succeeded.
“My mom is pregnant and didn’t want to know the gender unless my dad found a creative way of letting her know,” Ana writes.
“So he put together clips of my granddad’s voice (who passed away a year ago) to announce it to her.”
In the short video, Jenny is sat down holding a speaker as her husband informs her that “this is the most special and creative way that I could think of to tell you the sex of our child, but I couldn’t do it without a little help.”
Her late father’s voice then starts to play from the speaker in a series of mashed-up recordings.
“Hello Jenny, this is your father,” the recording begins before the words “it is a girl” are heard.
Clearly overcome by emotion, Jenny puts her hand to her mouth and starts to cry before her husband goes to comfort her.
Since Ana posted it on Thursday, the heartwarming video has been watched nearly seven million times and garnered more than 502,000 likes in addition to thousands of comments from viewers, with many confessing that it had moved them to tears.
“I LOVE real gestures of love,” one person wrote in response to the clip.
“No fancy clothes or a big party, but a sentimental gift made just for her.”
Another added: “This was the most beautiful, most original, most heartfelt gender reveal I have ever seen.”

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